The ENC contract raises serious ethical questions

Seven steps to a possible ethics violation…

  1. Eddy Miller is an employee of the Saratoga Springs Water Department
  2. Eddy Miller is head of the Independence Party of Saratoga County (IND)
  3. Eddy Miller doles out personal and IND donations and endorsements to members of the Saratoga Springs City Council
  4. In March, Eddy and his wife create ‘Energy Now Consultants LLC’ (ENC)
  5. ENC is incorporated as an energy broker
  6. The City then awards ENC a juicy energy contract without bidding the contract – could mean $40,000 to the Millers
  7. Eddy Miller makes no disclosure of his family’s interest in ENC to the City, as required by City (Ethics Code 13.3(P) and State law (General Municipal Law Section 803, 804).

Do conflicts of interest matter to Commissioner Franck and the City Council when it comes to awarding lucrative business contracts? Why didn’t Mr. Miller follow strict City and State guidelines by publicly disclosing his interest in ENC? While his non-disclosure of this relationship was a strict violation of ethics law, why didn’t Commissioner Franck perform the obvious due diligence on his fellow city employee to determine if there was a conflict?

On Thursday, June 13, the Times Union ran the story of this sorry situation.  See the following link.  It adds important details and should cause all of to ask how this sort of thing happens in Saratoga Springs

While a reform of our ‘Commission’ form of government was voted down by only ten votes in 2017, this example is at the very heart of why citizens demanded and must continue to demand a change. There are no checks and balances in the ‘Commission’ form of government. There are five ‘bosses’, the Mayor having the least power of any of them. Awarding contracts to pals, including ones with chronically delinquent property taxes*, is the hallmark of this dysfunctional administration.

On June 7, former Charter Commission Secretary Ann Bullock and former Public Works Director Bill McTygue wrote to the City’s Ethics Commission with a complaint about the handling of the ENC contract.  The City’s Ethics Board, chaired by Justin Hogan, has received the complaint.

Please vote for non-incumbents in forthcoming Saratoga Springs primaries and general elections who support charter change. We need professional city management to avoid future chicanery.

*see an article published by