Election Update
After absentee ballots were counted on November 14, the new charter vote tally looked like this:
Yes: 4,448
No: 4,458
The charter is down by 10 votes out of 8,906 votes cast.
Former members of the Charter Review Commission have submitted a Freedom of Information (FOIL) request to the Board of Elections, seeking all paper and machine ballots, plus the .TIF (tagged image) files from the scanner machines. In addition, they began an action in state Supreme Court seeking a full review and recount of all ballots cast.
A December 20 hearing has been set.
After so much work over so much time, and with such a close outcome, they believe that the people of Saratoga Springs need to have complete confidence that the results are valid.

The official Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission led a transparent 14-month charter review process that invited input from residents, city officials, and experts.

They worked long and hard to craft a new charter uniquely suited to the needs of our great city. Vote YES to:

  • Strengthen our democracy by attracting many more good candidates to run for office, for a more representative, diverse, and dynamic city council.

  • Take the politics OUT of city services.

  • Demand qualified, professional management, instead of on-the-job training.

  • Replace 5 divided departments with a united city workforce, pulling together as a single team.

  • Achieve substantial cost savings with better organized, better managed government.

  • Demand MORE accountability and LESS bureaucracy.

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